We All Need Character Strengths to Thrive

By Strength Solutions, Inc.

Which character strengths do people most associate with success? For some it’s assertiveness, taking action when key opportunities arise. It may be a distinct combination of self-discipline and perseverance, waking up to strive for whatever drives them. Still others may regard kindness and generosity as the greatest metrics behind personal success, regardless of what bank accounts and rėsumės might say.

What are all these? They’re virtues. And recognizing and developing them as character strengths – in ourselves and others – allows us all to thrive at work, in the classroom, in relationships, in life. This reflective process is often overlooked. 

But why?

The Virtues Project™ Builds Character Strength for Success

Look around your world, your communities, your place of work, your social media feeds, and your home. What do you see? How do people interact? In many environments today, people are heavily focused on differences and deficiencies in others. Too often, it seems luck alone places us in welcoming environments where peers value our strengths and inherent value as people.

Recognizing Virtues Creates a Sense of Belonging

So let’s really focus on building those environments for ourselves. It involves in-depth discussion with our friends, family, co-workers, other participants … and, just as importantly, ourselves. We must take time to acknowledge what’s good about ourselves and others we interact with. It is important to expand our vocabulary and regularly focus on the good qualities that people exhibit every day.  It doesn’t take long, but makes a big difference when we take time to point out when someone demonstrated virtues like trustworthiness or humility, and even to recognize the  compassion you had in a situation requiring justice.

They’re more than just words. In environments where our strengths are seen we feel more creative, engaged and alive. We belong. We feel good about ourselves, more confident in the character strengths we deliver, more trusting in those defining others. We bring all of our strengths as we pursue both personal and communal goals. 

Applying Character Strengths for Whatever Success Means to You

Years ago, we discovered The Virtues Project™, which provides 5 powerful strategies that help us see the good in ourselves and others. When we take these strategies to heart, we gradually transform our thinking to focus on what people do well and not on perceived shortcomings. When skillfully applied, these strategies can transform individuals and organizations and release potential and productivity in very real, inspiring (and measurable) ways. 

We’ve seen the power of these strategies successfully applied in many environments. The Virtues Project™ supports organizations and individuals building positive, inclusive environments. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Strength Solutions also works to provide scholarships to related programs at partner agencies like Boundless Connections, LLC and Beat City Music.

We’re always accepting additional training opportunities. If you are interested in booking training for yourself or your organization, please contact mike@strengthsolutions.org or at (716) 790-3520.

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