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Discover your character strengths and learn the five strategies that help you rock your life. Explore how men and women are encouraged to develop different strengths and explore how we can learn from each other. This 15-hour (8 hours face to face, 7 hours on-line) workshop will help you discover how great you already are and set you on a path for further growth.

Facilitating Growth


In this 15 hour (8 hours face to face, 7 hours on-line) workshop participants review how they can present the five strategies to others while modeling the strategies and being true to themselves. 

Upon completion of this course, participants are recognized as certified Virtues Project facilitators.

About The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project™ is an initiative focused on the practice of positive characteristics and qualities in everyday life. It is a global project offering strategies for personal, professional and community development which helps people live by their highest values.

During the International Year of the Family, the United Nations Secretariat and World Conference of Cities and Corporations honored The Virtues Project™ as “a model global program for families of all cultures.”